Welcome to The Smallwood Clinic!

The Smallwood Clinic is a new and innovative concept in private practice that merges efficient technologies with the most reliable evidence-based strategies in treatment for a wide variety of mental health conditions. As a client of The Smallwood Clinic, you will receive individualized treatment that is focused on you as a "whole person" with a unique set of needs and goals that guide your life. With this in mind, we believe in working with you to reach the best solutions together as a partner in your treatment. We believe in working with our clients through the best options until the right one is found - one that works to improve your life.

Services We Offer

Psychiatry: Medication Management

Medications are necessary for many clients to help relieve symptoms of psychiatric conditions. Your medication options and any necessary medication education will be discussed with you after your initial client evaluation and during follow-up medication management appointments. Keep in mind that each medication works differently for every person and that changes may be required to find the right medication for you. Our goal is to help you reduce the number of required visits to make your care more efficient and cost effective, saving you time and money. Therefore, genetic testing may be recommended, especially if you have had multiple medication changes in the past. Medications will be prescribed when agreed upon by you and your provider as indicated by your diagnosis. Be sure to tell your provider and pharmacist information about any allergies, heart conditions, liver conditions, or kidney conditions you have prior to taking any prescribed medications. Follow-up appointments will be required at different frequencies based on your need for adjustments and evaluations. The first follow-up appointment is usually scheduled 3 to 4 weeks after your initial client evaluation.

Clinical Therapy (Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Only; Adult Psychotherapy is coming Summer/2019)

The Smallwood Clinic focuses on integrating the concepts of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as a theoretical foundation for all services we offer our clients. CBT is the most effective type of therapy for many mental health conditions. CBT focuses on your individual thoughts and resulting emotions to help restructure the way you think about yourself, others, the world, and situations that affect you. CBT requires between 6 and 15 sessions for most patients. We also offer other evidence-based therapeutic modalities in psychotherapy as necessary in an individualized treatment approach tailored to each client's needs. Keep in mind that research shows that combining psychotherapy with medication management services will often yield the best outcomes. We may recommend these services after your initial evaluation based on the intensity of your symptoms.